Ask Your Soul - November 6


Today your soul wants you to understand that your purpose is simple...experience joy!

Joy doesn’t have to be from some grand experience. Joy can be from the extra 10 minutes you let yourself sleep in, or a favourite song you hear on the radio. Maybe it’s the happy dance you do in your kitchen as you wait for your coffee to perk.

You can also experience joy, simply by remembering a time when you felt it in your past. Maybe a family gathering, or a celebratory dinner. Simply by thinking about this memory, you re-experience that joy.

What can you do today to bring joy into your life? Is it possible to go for a walk in nature? Maybe take in a movie you have wanted to see. Spend time with a child or pet. Joy is often found in the simple things in life.

Many times we think that we can’t find joy in our daily lives. Our job may not be fulfilling, or our transportation might not be reliable. The kids might be demanding and taking all of your time.

But look beneath the surface. What in your job can you find joy in doing? What one small task? What about your transportation? Is there one small aspect that you can find joy in? Even if your kids are driving you crazy, I’m sure there is one memory you have of a joyful time with them.

You don’t need to wait for your dream job, or special event or vacation to experience joy. It is a feeling that you can choose to experience at any time.

It is something that you might have to look for when you are feeling sad or in a depressed state of mind. But know that joy is available to you even at these times. It might not be for a long period, maybe mere seconds, but even that little piece of joy will help your day be brighter.


I now choose to experience joy, if only for a moment.