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15 Minute Card Reading - $40 CDN

This is generally a single question asked about one area of your life.

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30 Minute Card Reading - $75 CDN

This can be a more in-depth reading on one question that you have, or it can be multiple questions. You get to decide .

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Mini Coaching Session - $120

This is a 45 minute session. It starts with a meditation to connect with your divine guidance, followed by a card reading delving into what is currently happening in your life and where you would like to make changes. The session ends with a one or two step action plan to begin to make changes in your life.

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Individual Coaching Session - $225

This is a 90 minute session, where we delve deep into the situation where you desire guidance. It begins with a conversation to gain clarity on the situation, includes a meditation, card reading, and other tools that help you delve into the issue. The session ends with an action plan to start changing your life.

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